The tradition of the Basel Autumn Fair stretches back over a long, exciting history that starts in the 15th century, with an emperor, a pope and a committed mayor. Old traditions such as the ringing in or the Hääfelimäärt are still integral parts of the Basel Autumn Fair today.

History of the Basel Autumn Fair Traditions of the Basel Autumn Fair

550th anniversary of the Basel Autumn Fair

In 2020/21, the Basel Autumn Fair celebrated its 550th anniversary. The Basel Autumn Fair can trace its origins back to 11 July 1471, when Emperor Frederik III granted the city of Basel the right to hold the event “in perpetuity”. During the anniversary year, information pillars on the history and traditions of the Basel Autumn Fair, among other things, promised a feast for the eyes and ears.

More about the 550th anniversary

Farbig gestaltete Infopoints zur Geschichte und den Traditionen der Basler Herbstmesse.

Information pillars and audio plays on the Basel Autumn Fair

On a total of four information pillars and the accompanying audio plays, you will learn all kinds of historical and curious facts about Switzerland's oldest and largest amusement fair. We wish you a stimulating read!

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